MEDELFreedom of speach (march 2008), about the situation in Spain.

Nominations in international courts

Vieira Da SilvaConclusions of the International Conference "Independence of Judiciary and challenges of transitions"

Judges' Association of Serbia along with the Prosecutors' Association of Serbia was the hosts of an International Conference “Independence of Judiciary and Challenges of the Transitions”, held on Saturday, June 2, 2007 in the Palace of Justice in Belgrade.

The Conference was attended by over 120 participants, representatives of the professional associations of judges and prosecutors from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Republic of Srpska, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Portugal, France, Czech Republic and Spain, whose judges' and prosecutors' associations are members of MEDEL (European association of judges and prosecutors). Council of Europe experts also took part in the Conference.

MEDELMedel dedicated two meetings to this theme: a seminar in Prague (June 2006), and a round table during the conference of Belgrade (June 2007)

French report (Eric Alt)
Italian report (Alessandro Sutera Sardo)
Austrian report

ItalyOn January 16th 1993, in Palermo, Italy, the associated magistrates of Medel have adopted the «Elements of a European Statute of Magistracy.

This text expresses the conviction that a democratic, independent and transparent judiciary constitutes an essential element of the Rule of Law: The Palermo Declaration: Elements of a European Statute of Magistracy.

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