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Protests co-organized by MEDEL and other institutions in Poland and Europe

MEDELOn Tuesday 9 June, at 9:00, Judge Igor Tuleya is called to the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court in Poland, for a hearing to lift his immunity against criminal prosecution for an official act as Judge, i.e. the decision of allowing access to the press when ruling on the resuming of investigation into a possibly irregular voting process carried out in the Parliament of Poland.

Two online demonstrations in support of Judge Igor Tuleya and independent judges will take place Monday:

«Europe for Poland» (English) 16:00 organized by/Iustitia, European Association of Judges EAJ, MEDEL, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Amnesty International Norway,Human Rights House Foundation, Norwegian Judges Association, Rafto Foundation for Human Rights 

MEDELZoom link for listeners to «Europe for Poland» will be posted on the Facebook event site soon, but not activated until shortly before the start 16:00 Monday 8 June. Youtube streaming of “Europe for Poland” will be activated here shortly before 16:00 Monday 8.June:

«150 cities x 150 people» (Polish) 18:00 organized by Iustitia, Themis, Free Courts, KOD, Helsinki Committee Warsaw, Amnesty International Poland, and others

MEDELNames of the speakers at «Europe for Poland»

  • The representatives of Iustitia are themselves subject to the harassment of government and media, Judges Dorota Zabłudowska and Bogdan Jędrys.
  • The European Association of Judges is represented by Vice-President Mikael Sjõberg and MEDEL by President Filipe Marques, prominent voices for the legal profession in Poland and across Europe.
  • Professor Laurent Pech is a top academic specialist on rule of law backsliding, an exceptionally active and fearless commentator with many contributions on Twitter as @ProfPech, on Verfassungsblog, and other places.

For all those who were not able to watch it live, below is the video of the webinar/demonstration:

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