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Murat Arslan: Law and Peace for All

Murat Arslan

MEDEL received a message from Murat Arslan, sent from the prison where he remains unfairly arrested in Turkey. On his request, we make it public:

It breaks my heart to watch the human tragedy in Ukraine from the prison cell where I have been held for the last six years. My heart and mind are with Ukrainians and especially with my Ukrainian colleagues.

I regretfully observe that the occupation of Ukraine, which has made great strides towards becoming a rule of law, by a totalitarian regime threatens not only the peace and security of Ukraine, but the entire world. With the occupation of Ukraine by Russia, we have seen how important the struggle for the rule of law, democracy and human rights is not only for legal security, but also for the safety of each individual's life and international peace.

An important point that should not be ignored during this period; It is the fact that a significant number of individuals and organizations who have realized the value of human rights and freedoms among the Russian people are trying to bravely oppose the occupation.

It is clear that the most effective method of honoring both the people who believe in the rule of law and democracy among the Russian people and the victims in Ukraine is to embrace the rule of law in Europe more and more sincerely against the Russian occupation, which has trampled international law.

The most appropriate response to this invasion should be based on international law and human rights. Blaming all people for the sins of a totalitarian regime can cause incurable wounds and sow new seeds of hatred. The best answer is to further strengthen democracy and human rights. All the happenings should be viewed with a focus on human beings and the environment, so humanity should not be sacrificed for political interests.

As far as I can follow from the prison cell, I see that the victims of this occupation are immediately extended a hand, especially in Europe. I have no doubt that our Ukrainian colleagues are also helped.
I believe that goodness is contagious and there is always strength in unity.

I offer my respects to those who stand by them and show solidarity in these difficult times. I wish this occupation, this humanitarian tragedy, this huge destruction to environment and law to come to an end as soon as possible. I would like to emphasize again that the ability of each individual to live in peace depends on each individual's ability to live in law. The abandonment of law in one country is a threat to all peoples of the world.

Murat Arslan


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