EUConference in Rome on June 12th and 14th 2013

Press release of the European Commission on the new prosecutor's office (July 22nd 2013.)



Support to Spanish Justice Strike on February 20th All associations of judges and prosecutors in Spain have called for demonstrations to protest again the weakening of the Spanish judicial system.

Budget cuts directly affect the effectiveness of citizens' rights. In addition, the legal costs rised to an amount that limits access to courts for the poorest.  

Big brotherThe European Organisation of Magistrates for freedom and liberties, recalling that the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany has held certain provisions of the German Telecommunications Act to be unconstitutional for infringing civil liberties, namely for being unclear about the legal basis of providing customer data to state bodies and for the lack of sufficient thresholds as requirements for such undisclosure of personal data, taking note of the fact that the Federal Republic of Germany has now started a legislative process to amend the Telecommunication Act and on the law governing the provision of customers data (BR-Drs. 664/12), noting that the provisions in the draft

MEDELDemocracy cannot exist without the Rule of Law. The salary contracts as the other contracts are sources of law and provide necessary stability and certainty for to the society in order to keep the social peace.

The magistrates' salaries represent a guarantee of the independence and autonomy of the judicial power. The continuous cuts of salaries contribute to the disruption of the rule of law and democracy (Recommendation R (2010) 12 of the Council of Europe).

Democracy facing corruptionColloquium in Paris, Oct. 13th.

Introduction du forum La démocratie à l'épreuve de la corruption, organisé le 13 octobre 2012, à Paris. Les interventions sont de Fabrice Tarrit, Président de Survie et Eric Alt du Syndicat de la Magistrature.

Dragana Boljevic1. MEDEL has established a relationship of trust and solidarity with the associations of judges and prosecutors of Serbia. International Association expressed great concerns over the decision to proceed with re-election of Serbian judges and prosecutors in 2009 that led to the dismissal of one third of them. MEDEL conducted several audit missions over the decisions on dismissal.

2. The report, following the audit visit which was entrusted to two honorary judges members of MEDEL was intended to make the overall assessment of the review process. The audit in Serbia conducted by MEDEL is the second of its kind, after it had been previously conducted on the Portuguese judiciary (2010) and before the one currently implemented on the Turkish judiciary.

Dragana BoljevićToday Dragana Bolijevic, president of the Judges Association of Serbia (JAS) and General Secretary of MEDEL, has seen her appeal against her dismissal from the judiciary rejected by the Serbian High Council for Judiciary.

The dismissal of Dragana Bolijevic occurred within a highly controversial and opaque procedure which involved all Serbian judges and prosecutors in a general re-appointment procedure carried out in 2009 which ended with the dismissal of around one third of them, without any disciplinary ground, without any hearing, and even without any reasoning, simply with the publication of a list with names of judges and prosecutors re-appointed and not re-appointed.

giovanni-falconeLa mort de Giovanni Falcone - et la fin aussi tragique de son collègue et ami Paolo Borsellino, moins de deux mois après - ont constitué pour les citoyens et la communauté juridique, pas seulement d'Italie, mais aussi de toute Europe et des nations civilisées, un fait au même temps tragique et rédempteur.

On peut dire que, en ce qui concerne la lutte contre la criminalité organisée, il y a eu un temps avant la mort de Falcone et Borsellino et un temps après leur assassinat.

Supreme Court, WarsawOn April 16th, 2011 the General Assembly of MEDEL had a meeting in Warsaw.

During the meeting was examined and discussed the situation of the Polish Judges, as reported by a Document submitted by the representatives of the Association IUSTITIA.

Medel expresses its strong support to the Resolution of the Polish Judges Association Iustitia of  April 8th, 2011 and shares the deep concerns formulated by Iustitia.

Palais justice BelgradeUpdated July 16th 2012.

Resolution taken on Dec. 26th, 2009

The Judges' Association of Serbia reached the conclusions that in the procedure of (re)election of judges, the High Judicial Council has made the mistakes as follows:

- the High Judicial Council has been constituted against the Constitution and Laws of Republic of Serbia;

- the High Judicial Council worked and rendered the decisions in improper way and manner as well as against the legal procedure;

- the High Judicial Council has entered secrecy in their work as well as decision making and that way of work resulted not only with high level of doubt in public yet with general doubt in existence of secret and not transparent criteria and political influence in subject (re) election of judges;

- the High Judicial Council denied and failed to request and obtain the opinions from the sittings of all judges about the candidates i.e. current judges with permanent judging function prior to issuing any decision;  

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