Monika Frąckowiak, member of the board of Medel is taking part today at the @theeumans "Open Congress of Citizens for Sustainable Peace, Freedom and Democracy" (, in Warsaw, Poland.

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In this International Day of Women Judges, Medel recalls its Santiago Statement of November 2019: we need measures to eradicate structural and systemic inequalities that affect the administration of justice. You can read the Santiago Statement below:

Today, in the European sphere, we have the necessary regulatory framework in place to implement gender equality policies. This is a framework that supports the creation of plans and bodies for equality, driven by networks of women jurists whose purposes go beyond the legal domain and are transmitted to society at large.


MEDEL sent a letter to the French Minister of Justice, on occasion of the French Presidency of the European Union.  

MEDEL a envoyé une lettre au Ministre de la Justice de France, à l'occasion de la présidence française de l'Union européenne.  

M Le Garde des sceaux, L’Etat français assume la présidence de l’Union européenne au moment où celle-ci est confrontée à l’une des crises les plus importantes de son histoire. Comme vous le savez, plusieurs Etats membres mènent aujourd’hui une véritable offensive contre les fondements humanistes du projet européen. En Pologne, en Hongrie, mais aussi en Bulgarie ou en Slovénie s’observe la dérive autoritaire de gouvernements qui, sous couvert de dénoncer les supposés diktats de Bruxelles, s’en prennent directement à l’Etat de droit et l’un de ses principaux piliers : l’indépendance de la Justice.

Murat Arslan

MEDEL received a message from Murat Arslan, sent from the prison where he remains unfairly arrested in Turkey. On his request, we make it public:

It breaks my heart to watch the human tragedy in Ukraine from the prison cell where I have been held for the last six years. My heart and mind are with Ukrainians and especially with my Ukrainian colleagues.

I regretfully observe that the occupation of Ukraine, which has made great strides towards becoming a rule of law, by a totalitarian regime threatens not only the peace and security of Ukraine, but the entire world. With the occupation of Ukraine by Russia, we have seen how important the struggle for the rule of law, democracy and human rights is not only for legal security, but also for the safety of each individual's life and international peace.

An important point that should not be ignored during this period; It is the fact that a significant number of individuals and organizations who have realized the value of human rights and freedoms among the Russian people are trying to bravely oppose the occupation.

It is clear that the most effective method of honoring both the people who believe in the rule of law and democracy among the Russian people and the victims in Ukraine is to embrace the rule of law in Europe more and more sincerely against the Russian occupation, which has trampled international law.

The most appropriate response to this invasion should be based on international law and human rights. Blaming all people for the sins of a totalitarian regime can cause incurable wounds and sow new seeds of hatred. The best answer is to further strengthen democracy and human rights. All the happenings should be viewed with a focus on human beings and the environment, so humanity should not be sacrificed for political interests.

As far as I can follow from the prison cell, I see that the victims of this occupation are immediately extended a hand, especially in Europe. I have no doubt that our Ukrainian colleagues are also helped.
I believe that goodness is contagious and there is always strength in unity.

I offer my respects to those who stand by them and show solidarity in these difficult times. I wish this occupation, this humanitarian tragedy, this huge destruction to environment and law to come to an end as soon as possible. I would like to emphasize again that the ability of each individual to live in peace depends on each individual's ability to live in law. The abandonment of law in one country is a threat to all peoples of the world.

Murat Arslan



MEDEL sent a letter to the EU authorities, supporting the position of the Polish judicial associations.

Your Excellencies, MEDEL fully supports the position of the Polish judicial associations: Iustitia, Themis, Pro Familia, Association of Judges of Family Courts and Association of Judges of Administrative Courts expressed in the letter of 24 February 2022.

For over 6 years, Polish judges, supported by the civil society, fight to uphold basic European values and instruments: the Rule of Law, the right to an independent court, European Convention of Human Rights and Charter of Fundamental Rights. They continue this fight regardless a wide range of repression they face: disciplinary proceedings, suspension in duties, revoking part of salaries, propaganda machine in state media. Independent judges in Poland proved themselves to be true Europeans and constitute the basic obstacle to authoritarian aspirations of Polish government and to the government’s desire to leave the European Union.

Turning a blind eye to the demolition of the Polish judiciary by accepting that any legislative project presented currently by the Polish executive (President of Poland or one of the ruling parties) fulfils the criteria of “money for Rule of Law” mechanism, will contribute, sooner or later, to the disintegration of the European Union. This will happen, since one of the Member States will be deprived of effective judicial control (also with respect to controlling expenditure of EU funds) and part of European Union citizens and businesses living and operating in Poland will lose their right to a court established by law.

Let the difficult situation in Ukraine and the whole of Europe not distract the European Commission in its determination to stand as guardian of the European Treaties. Recent days show clearly what happens when violation of Human Rights and Rule of Law are treated too indulgently. It is exactly at this moment when European Union must show its allegiance to its core values. Otherwise it faces disintegration.

MEDEL calls on the European Commission to be consistent in demanding compliance with the rule of law from Polish authorities, which so far could be ensured only by the draft adopted within the Agreement for the Rule of Law.

Yours Sincerely,

(President of MEDEL – Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés)

EC Transparency Registry nr. 981119221130-18

March 04th, 2022.

 Letter to EU supporting Polish judicial associations713.99 KB


“(…) There’s no poetry about war

just decomposition

only letters remain

and they all make a single sound — rrr (…)”

LYUBA YAKIMCHUK, “Decomposition”, in Apricots of Donbas

(Translation: Oksana Maksymchuk / Max Rosochinsky)

The dark clouds of war that everyone thought were forever gone are once again blackening the skies of Europe.

The Russian military intervention against Ukraine breaches the fundamental principles of international law: non-interference in the internal affairs of states; territorial integrity and sovereignty; prohibition of the use of armed force in international relations.


A portuguese radio station made a special piece about one of our Turkish colleagues that had to escape in a migrant boat and is now in exile.

You may find it here (in Portuguese):


Une station de radio portugaise a fait un reportage sur un de nos collègues turcs qui a dû s'enfuir dans un bateau de migrants et qui est maintenant en exil.

Vous pouvez le trouver ici (en portugais) :




MEDEL rend hommage à Mireille Delmas Marty, dont l'œuvre a été l'une des inspirations de nos fondateurs. MEDEL maintient l'engagement de promouvoir les "forces imaginantes du droit" qui s'opposent à la raison du plus fort.
MEDEL pays tribute to Mireille Delmas Marty, whose work has been one of the inspirations of our founders. MEDEL keeps the commitment to promote the "visionary forces of law" that oppose matter-of-fact forces.

MEDEL is sponsoring the petition "The EU must not become a lawless zone"MEDEL is sponsoring the petition "The EU must not become a lawless zone", regarding the situation of migrants in the Polish-Belarus border.

The EU’s very future is playing out today in the Białowieża Forest. We call on the Council of the European Union to renounce the legalisation of the derogations from treaties that require Member States of the EU to protect human rights.

We call on the European Union to lead with a humane response to the humanitarian crisis that is playing out on the borders with Belarus, and for immediate actions to be taken to protect vulnerable individuals and to respect the right of asylum.


Despite the series of judgments delivered both by the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union, explicitly condemning systematic undermining of judicial independence by politicians, we are witnessing another outrageous attack of Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro against a Polish judge.

Zbigniew Ziobro (who is at the same time Prosecutor General) ordered an immediate stop of professional activities of Joanna Hetnarowicz‑Sikora, a member of the board of Iustitia.

The suspension has been executed in an unprecedented way, the decision was delivered while she was performing her judicial duties in a courtroom.

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