The speech of Filipe Marques, President of MEDEL, at the conference "L'Avocat : Acteur d'une Justice qui protège par le droit", held today in Paris, under the French Presidency of the EU. 

Lawyers: Key Players in Ensuring Effective Legal Protection in Europe

The Bar Association of Paris, in the context of the French Presidency of the EU, will be organising next Thursday, February 10, the conference "Lawyers: Key Players in Ensuring Effective Legal Protection in Europe".

MEDEL will be taking part in the conference - Filipe Marques will be a speaker in the pannel "The EU Protecting the Independence of Legal Practitioners".

You may find the program in English and French here.

Murat Arslan

Murat Arslan, the President of YARSAV, has written this letter to the President of MEDEL, from the Sincan prision, where he is unlawfully arrested since October 2016:

My very precious friend, the dangers to peace, the protection and enjoying of human rights, the understanding and practice of the rule of law directly harm human and natural life not only in Turkey but also in many countries of the world, including some western countries.

The call for peace, the struggle for the protection of human rights and access to a fair trial have never been more sought.

Unfortunately, the viewpoints of state powers other than the judiciary are more interest-oriented. On the other hand, we witness and live with sadness how the judiciary is instrumentalized and put into the service of the governments in some countries.


Europe must rediscover its pride in its democratic model. Our fervent wish must be that this model of democracy, freedom and prosperity serves as a beacon and inspiration not only for our fellow citizens in Europe, but also beyond our borders.

Looking ambitiously to the future of Europe, reminding everyone the commitment to unnegotiable values and responsibilities towards the international community and future generations for effective protection of fundamental rights: President David Sassoli left us with this strong message, delivered at the European Council meeting of 16 December 2021.

Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ), Judges for Judges, Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL)

The Platform for an Independent Judiciary in Turkey (MEDEL, EAJ, AEAJ and Judges for Judges) sent a letter to Mrs. Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, the Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency, the High Representative of the European Union, the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and the Commissioner for HumanRights(CoE), demanding action to restore Rule of Law in Turkey and to end the witch-hunt against judges. You can read the letter below.

Honorable Madame, Honorable Sir, by the judgement of the Turkish Court of Cassation of 3rd November 2021, the conviction under charges of being a member of an armed terrorist organization (FETÖ/PDY) of Mr Murat Arslan, Turkish judge and president of the independent Turkish Association of Judges and Prosecutors (YARSAV), to 10 years imprisonment was upheld.

Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ), Judges for Judges, Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL)

MEDEL, EAJ, IAJ, EAAJ and Judges for Judges sent today a letter to the new Minister of Justice of Germany, emphasizing the urgent need to evacuate justice personnel from Afghanistan.

Your Excellency, the four European Associations of Judges undersigned are specifically concerned about the precarious situation - with specific risk of death - of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and human rights activists in Afghanistan.

This extraordinary situation in Afghanistan induced all four European associations of judges


In the moment when France is about to take the presidency of the European Union, MEDEL recalls the historical responsibility of France in defending the rule of law, and the unique opportunity to use the political crisis we are going through to promote a democratic transformation of the European Union. You can read the statement below:

(EN) -----------

France is about to take the presidency of the European Union while it is facing one of the most important crises in its history. Taking advantage of the insufficient democratization of the European institutions, several Member States are now conducting a real offensive against the humanist foundations of the European project. In Poland, Hungary, but also in Bulgaria or Slovenia, governments turn authoritarian. While they claim to fight against the so-called “diktats” of Brussels, they are directly undermining the rule of law and one of its main pillars: the independence of justice.


MEDEL calls on the authorities of Montenegro to repeal the Amendments to the Montenegrin Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, that discriminate against female judges and do not reflect European values.

(FR) --------


MEDEL appelle les autorités du Monténégro à abroger les amendements à la loi monténégrine sur l'assurance retraite et invalidité, qui sont discriminatoires envers les femmes juges et ne reflètent pas les valeurs européennes.

(EN) -----------

You can read the statement below:

MEDEL has received concerning news that Montenegrin authorities adopted Amendments to the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, which significantly lowered the pension age for judges, as opposed to the appropriate provisions of the Montenegrin Labor Law. Aside from that, the said Amendments stipulate lower retirement age for female judges, meaning that different retirement ages depending on gender have been introduced.

MEDEL Council of AdministrationMEDEL is holding today its Council of Administration in Coimbra, Portugal.

Debating the situation of the judiciary in our member associations' countries and approving statements on Lebanon, France and Montenegro.

Together in the defense of Rule of Law.

Rule of Law in EuropeNext Thursday 09 December (from 15:30 CET) and Friday 10 December (from 10:30 CET), watch the live streaming (in English) of the international conference "Rule of Law in Europe", organised by MEDEL, ASJP and SMMP, in cooperation with Catolica Lisbon School of Law on our website below:

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