Mariarosaria Guglielmi and Iria González representing MEDEL at the 16th plenary meeting of the CCEPMariarosaria Guglielmi and Iria González are representing MEDEL at the 16th plenary meeting of the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors, from the Council of Europe. An opinion on implications of the decisions of international courts and treaty bodies as regards the practical independence of prosecutors is on the agenda.

Meeting with members of the judiciary in RomaniaAnother meeting with members of the judiciary in Romania. The President of MEDEL met Dragoș Călin, President of Forum Judecatorilor din Romania, for an exchange on recent developments on the protection of the independence of the Judiciary.

An important meeting to hear all the relevant actors in the field and try to find ways to contribute to stable solutions for the Romanian Judiciary.

Romania Curte de CasatieThe President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania, Mrs. Corina Alina Corbu, received this afternoon a delegation of MEDEL, in a meeting where the most relevant issues for the Romanian judiciary and ways to strengthen its independence were debated.

CSMThe President of MEDEL, Filipe Marques, was today received in Bucharest by the President of the Superior Council of Magistracy.

A fruitful exchange on the challenges faced by the Judiciary in Romania and the EU, and ways to promote Rule of Law.

QGQuestione Giustizia, from our italian member Magistratura Democratica, is publishing the impressive testimonies of witnesses and experts at the opening session of Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on the murder of journalists where MEDEL's Vice-President Mariarosaria Guglielmi was a judge.

You can find also the English version of the statements of the General Secretariat of the PPT, of Khashoggi’s widow and of the Secretary General of "Reporters sans frontières".

22nd Plenary Meeting of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE)MEDEL is taking part as observer at the 22nd Plenary Meeting of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE), where a draft opinion on the evolution of the Councils for the Judiciary and their role in independent and impartial judicial systems will be discussed.


IMG 20211022 WA0016MEDEL, represented by its Vice-President Mariarosaria Guglielmi, is taking part at the congress of its member association Unión Progresista de Fiscales Upf, in Cordoba, Spain.

20211022 090051MEDEL is today in Prague at the congress of its member association Soudcovská Unie České Republiky (@SoudcovskaU).

Filipe Marques, president of MEDEL, addressed the congress on the importance of international associations of judges in promoting and defending Rule of Law.

Together with Czech Judges, promoting Rule of Law.

MEDEL member, Serbian Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors, is celebrating its 20 anniversary with the conference “Towards Constitutional Amendments”. Vincent Sizaire, MEDEL board member, is taking part as one of the keynote speakers.


MEDEL will be represented by Vice-President Mariarosaria Guglielmi at the high-level webinar "Independence of prosecutors in Central Europe", which will take place on 20 October 2021 at 2pm CET. 

The event is hosted by ODIHR/OSCE, together with the Prosecutor’s Office of Estonia.

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