MEDELMarch, 2007

Abduction and detention in illegal prisons have nothing to do with international judicial and police cooperation in criminal matters; they rather represent outright violation of fundamental Human Rights.

The Judiciary must be independent and shall intervene when serious violations of Human Rights appear to have been perpetrated.

The respect for these principles is at the heart of Western Democracies, it lends them legitimacy in the fight against international terrorism.

Press release (March 2007)

Alliance between MEDEL and Judges of Latin AmericaThe Federation of Judges for Democracy of Latin America and the Carribean and MEDEL, at the conclusion of the seminar held in Porto on 28th - 30th May 2004. agree on the following common platform:

In many countries today jurisdiction finds itself pressed by political power which, by considering the judiciary as subalternate subsystem, aims at keeping jurisdiction homogeneous with political logics, which are founded on the majority principle.

In the constitutional State of Law, founded on the separation of powers, primacy of the Constitution implies primacy of human rights above majority opinions and, thus, autonomy and independence of those who have to safeguard these rights: that is to say, autonomy and independence of jurisdiction in respect to political power.

Magistrates have to take their role seriously and have to acquire consciousness of the fact that the independence bestowed upon them by the Constitution and by International Agreements grants them the possibility to be an instrument for the fulfilment of citizens' rights, as well as the possibility of controlling the legality of the exercise of all powers, excluding any immunity.

MEDELOctober, 28th 2008
Medel supports the efforts of judges Manuel Garcia-Castellon and Baltasar Garzon lawfully seized of complaints from victims or their families to sue the General Augusto Pinochet before a regular court.
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